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Overcome completely; subdued totally.

Def: LiveJournal community for both sexes. Dedicated to the ranting and raving of unrequited love, crushes, and other annoyances of the human heart (i.e. boyfriends, girlfriends, those you crush on, etc.). Hence the name.

(+) Stay on topic. Off-topic posts will be deleted without notice.
(+) Be nice. If someone asks for advice, you're welcome to state your opinion so long as it is in a respectful manner. Unnecessarily rude comments and posts will be deleted. *
(+) Remove yourself from the community before you delete your journal.
(+) Click the "reply" link if you are replying to someone's comment. If you just make another comment, the person isn't likely to see it.

(-) Promote other communities. PERIOD. *
(-) Advertise your website, items you are selling (unless they are relevant to the community), or post any other link that has nothing to do with this community. *
(-) Disable comments on your entry. You may screen comments, but not completely disable them. *
(-) Double post. If you need to edit an entry, click on the "link" or "comment" link to your post. Click the icon of a pencil in the top center. Edit your post or delete it from there.
(-) Ask for people to add you to their friends list, comment in your journal, etc. *
(-) Change the color, style, or size of the font on your entry. Changing some of it is fine, but keep the majority of it in default.
(-) Post photographs of anyone other than yourself unless the entry is friends only. *
(-) Post photographs or material that could be triggering (i.e. pictures of cuts, about mental illness, eating disorders, etc.) without using lj-cut and noting in the subject that the entry is triggering. *

If you break any of the above with an astrisk (*) next to it, the following will happen :

1. You will be warned. I will comment in your entry or respond to your comment and tell you which rule you have broken and that you have received a warning. (If you have deleted the entry or comment, you will not receive a reply that you have been warned, but you have been warned nonetheless.)
2. The entry or comment will be deleted.
3. If you break a rule again, you will be banned from the community.

Crush(ed) was created December 5th, 2001.
Founder & Admin : enamour