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02 July 2011 @ 02:25 pm
I need your help - I want to hear your story.  
This summer, I am starting a series of hand-drawn animated short films and need your help.

The idea is simple - send me the story of your most important time when you've had your heart broken and I will create a hand-drawn short film about it.

Break-ups are universal and, whilst they often suck at the time, after a while you reach a point where you can say you're over it, and you're better, and that's pretty great. By documenting a many different break-ups as possible, maybe we can create a sense of solidarity in heartbreak.
I want to show that painful things can be beautiful, and that complicated things can be stripped down to their very basics.
Also, hearing stories of other people's romances is pretty fun.

So what do I need from you?
If you feel comfortable with it, please send me (privately, via comments on my LJ, or via Tumblr AskBox) the story of your most meaningful break-up. It can be as long as description as you like (the better I can understand what happened, the less chance I have of misrepresenting your story), but I will only make a short (~1 minute) film with the bare bones of the story.

This might be a long-term relationship or marriage; it could be a week-long holiday fling; it may not have been a relationship at all, but a missed opportunity, a lost pet or anything, anything. This might be a story from years ago that you have since gotten over, this might be a story from yesterday that still makes you cry. Whatever you feel comfortable with telling, but a story that means something to you.

(DISCLAIMERS: This is entirely non-profit and is created mostly because I want to have a distraction. I will not use real names if you do not wish me to (if so, please say or provide fake names to begin with). I will share online the videos that are made. These will be public to everyone.)

and please spread the word (if on Tumblr, please reblog)