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17 April 2009 @ 01:45 am
Be smart, kids  
Be smarter than me.
Do not follow your boyfriend/girlfriend to college.
You will more than likely break up.
Do not stay there after the break up and be their friend.
This means you will be subject to watching them move on and get over you.
They will not hesitate to do so and will not feel bad about living their life, even if you aren't.
Time heals all wounds, but time doesn't always mean a month or even just a year.
You will need time to heal and having that ex there IS NOT going to help.
Doing all of the above will leave you broken and dealing with much more heartache and confusion than you will need at that point in your life.

Do yourselves a favor: be smart and don't put yourself in that position.
I am proof that it's a stupid idea.
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